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The project

Notre premier prototype.

This interactive projection platform changes our relation to technology. The tabletop is both a physical space with a digital spark.

Augmented Reality

Projection sur des LEGOs.

Reality is at the core of the experience we create. We can create interactive board games, do mapping on LEGOs (like on the picture), create interactive experiences etc... You can easily highlight, literally, your product and create tactile interfaces around it to interact with it.

Our Mission

Aides au dessin interactives. Photo: © Inria / Photo H. Raguet.

We create a more humane technology by putting physical and and social interaction at the core of our user experience. That is why we focus on games, education, and public displays in museums and shops to create technology that brings people together.


You cannot choose between video games and board games night? We decided not to choose and do both at the same time. We create a new technology that gives life to your tabletop activities.

RealityTech is french start-up from Bordeaux working in Spatial Augmented Reality. Our vision has been developped over many years in research labs such as Inria and Bordeaux University. Today, we make this a reality by creating the future of augmented reality.

Legal information


30 Oct 2017 . event . KIKK Festival Comments

RealityTech will be at the KIKK Festival in Namur, Belgium. At this festival, art and technology meet to create compelling experiences. Aside the conference, RealityTech will be in the pro village with FrechTech Bordeaux delegation. This festival is a great inspiration for us, to push innovation in technology with poetry. We want to regroup anyone interested in Augmented Reality to discuss the future of AR on friday 4th at 2 p.m.. With a short presentation we will introduce our view of what is AR now, and what we think and hope it will…

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