Maximum interactivity

RAS applications are based on physical interaction. Most interactions are designed around object manipulations.


A few user around the table can interact in the same way with every objects. The way to interact is controlled by both human organization and application constraints.

Latest innovations

You did not hear about Spatial Augmented Reality yet? That is normal, the term comes from research and is fairly new as it was coined at first less than 20years ago. We are pioneer in commercial SAR system.

Open by nature

RealityTech respect their customer freedom by providing the source codes of our products. Augmented Reality is infinetely difficult because the physical world evolves and changes at all times. This global challenge has to be tackled collectively to create the best solutions.



We dream of many future uses, and what is it use for today ?

Our first use cases are for educational applications and interactive experiences. The strength of our system is to enable collaboration in a single space for collective problem solving.

Nectar platform

The first hardware generation is here with a strong potential for a new generation applications. The nectar platform is one of the first ready to use spatial augmented reality. The current version enables a 60cm x 40cm interactive 3D mapping area with many object detection possiblites and interaction techniques.