Nectar platform

Nectar is a hardware platform developped by RealityTech for the PapARt software. At this time, there is only one device. It is one of the first device dedicated to Spatial Augmented Reality.

3D Mapping

You can project on any object if you know its shape. It is possible to scan an object and project on it or download a 3D shape, print it with a 3D printer and then project colors on it.

Object detection and tracking

We can detect and track many small objects placed on a table. In order to achieve this we develop custom computer vision algorithms and integrate existing ones.

Suivi des mains

Our systems can detect the hands and many other elements in order to achieve high interactivity and enable many designs.

New Paradigm

Translation in progress...

Applications linked to an object

Each application is linked to its context: one or many objects. It can be cards, a board, plants or anything you can imagine and that we can manage to identify.

Working at scale

Pixel sizes do not apply in the physical world. Consequently, every application work in millimeter sizes to enable easy and precise mapping between the physical and the digital worlds.

Hardware abstraction

The programs are not specific to an hardware implementation. If the elements are detectable / displayable by a device it can run on it.

First device: Fab Lab Prototype.

We are proud to propose our first hardware that fits our quality requirements. We studied what is important for the quality of user experience and tried get up to good quality standards for our first device.


This product combines robust components and a high quality of detection and projection. RealityTech created and selected the algorithms, placed and calibrated existing hardware components to achieve a good rendering in most light environment and a large interaction space.

Each device is built, assembled, calibrated and tested at RealityTech before shupping. This first version is handwork and created in fab-labs of the Bordeaux area. It is the first ready-to-use spatial augmented reality system.

Hardware characteristics.

Projection area: 70cm x 50cm.
Interaction area: 60cm x 45cm.
Light intensity 800 lumens.
Processing power From core i3 to i7 depending on the applications.


Translation in progress. Check out the github page of PapARt.


Markers: ARToolkitPlus (black and white sqarues), and natural shapes (experimental).
2cm Tokens: 30 tokens maximum.
Colored objects: 100 small tokens: 2 supported colors, 2 additional colors in progress.
Hands 4 hands maximum: arm, hand and finger detection. Buttons selections, and mid-air finger tracking.


Made in France

Translation in progress.

Name Description Price
Fab-lab prototype Standalone device: Intel CPU, projector, camera, and support stand. Everything is tested, calibrated and ready to use. It is shipped with our version of PapARt for Nectar. 2900€
Shipment Assembled device. Country-dependant
Shipment Kit device. Country-dependant
Rental A day, delivery not included. 100€
Rental A month, delivery not included. 600€

3D Printed materials

Preparation of a kit

Compact transportation