About RealityTech

RealityTech was founded at the end of 2016. The ambition is to bring great spatial augmented reality (SAR) devices and software. By the end of 2017, we got our first device built in fab-labs, and powered with research software. Since 2018, we develop the Nectar platform that will enable our devices to create a new generation of SAR programs.

Founder and CEO

Jérémy Laviole created RealityTech at end of 2016. He is working in Augmented Reality for more than 7 years.

Accelerators and supports

Région Nouvelle Aquitaine

The region Nouvelle Aquitaine support the economical and technological development of RealityTech.

La Banquiz and Aquinetic

La banquiz hosts and supports RealityTech in its growth and the open source policy and development.


Unitec supports the growth of RealityTech.


RealityTech is an Inria start-up Inria; as the founded comes from it. They subsidized the development of the PapARt software.

Bordeaux University

Bordeaux University participated to the software development of the PapARt software during the PhD thesis of Jeremy Laviole.

Cap Sciences

RealityTech was invited to the “Residences de l'innovation” in 2017, that permitted the first versions of the Fab-Lab Prototype.

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